We are One

We are One.

What does it meant to be “One”.

Does it mean we are one through flesh and bone?

Does it mean we stand United?

Are we now attached  and together tied?

Does it mean we stand as a nation?

Does this bring it to your attention?

Our land can be broken but we still stand together.

Our home can be torn but we will fight in this forever.

Is it our choice?

Can you finally hear our plea and voice?

Do you finally understand what our battle is for?

We can’t blame a faith or religion.

We can’t blame a race or allow segregation.

We are One. Every Muslim, Polish and British life.

I don’t care if our country is in strife.

jesteśmy jedną rodziną.

We are one and we can deal with this calmly.

We can deal with this connected.

Because. We Are ONE.


To my people of London. Today, I saw the flowers, I saw the tears and I saw the fears.

And I saw the people united, connected and healing. We ignore the stares and comments.

We carry each others weights. We are one and we will share the fears and deaths as one.

I am with you and I am connected with you. We are ONE.


Ta Ta For Now

Tosia Altman








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