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When is Going Home from Work Sick Okay?

This came to mind today as myself was swithering between going home and lasting another 3:45 hours. I dance as a living but today I was seeing to the paperwork off it. Occasionally we have days where we go and sort through contracts etc and make phone calls and arrange dates/events. I was also arranging my schedule, to prevent overlaps which is always a little more tricky than you would assume. Yesterday I was doing similar work and my colleague and dance partner, who had been complaining of having a sore throat the past week, had lost his voice. Over the past few days I had been feeling similar and I noticed yesterday that I had also lost my voice. I also had a cough and was very chesty but thought I would be fine as he was in and I didn’t want to appear weak. So today I turned up to do my work, with the rest of my teachers/ colleagues/ bosses in with very swollen glands, a headache, a temperature and a lost voice. My partner was not in as he had opted to “Working from Home.” I made it through the morning and felt marginally okay and manage to eat my lunch.  However once it hit 1 I started to feel feverish again and uwell. While sitting on my lunch break I was looking online to see when people thought it would be okay to go home, I struggled to find anything and thought I would right my own opinion on this.

  1. If you are contagious and could cause the illness to spread. What I had was contagious and although yesterday was fine as my colleague also had it, in other situations I would encourage you to stay at home or ask to go home.
  2. If you are causing disruption to the office. If you are continually sneezing, sniffing and coughing to an extent where it’s every  5 minutes I would advise you to go home as it can be very hard to concentrate.
  3. If you are unable to concentrate on your work or see your page clearly. Once at this stage there is no point staying as your work will likely be ineffective in later days as it will most likely not make sense.
  4. If someone else in you office is weak. My colleague, one of our older directors was in office, and she is currently battling lung cancer and had been receiving chemotherapy weekly. Due to her weak state, with me having a chesty cough as my main problem thought it would be better if I went home as it could be fatal for her.
  5. Try to work out the severity of your illness. Is it easily cured with 2 paracetamols or is it just making you not able to function.
  6. Trust yourself, your body will tell you if it’s necessary. Unless you are hungover and then deal with it as it is your fault!
  7. If you find that you are continually taking time off, learn to work out if it is really as bad as you think.

Hope this helped!





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