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Things People Don’t Tell You About After A Miscarriage.

The worst part of having a miscarriage is afterwards. You have just spent days, weeks or even months, not only nursing and preparing for the baby, but also loving it, talking to it and caring for it. It’s a horrible feeling, one of the worst you can ever feel.

  1. You can still get Postnatal Depression. Grief can be so strong that you can fall into a depression.
  2. Denial can last a long time. I became so obsessed with remembering the baby that I became almost convinced, it was still alive. (I might add, that I do have Bipolar 2, although I do not suffer from any psychosis, my moods can be extremely bad.)
  3. The grief always stays slightly, seeing other babies born can feel like a stab in the heart.
  4. You see them in your head as they would of grown up. It sounds ridiculous, but often there memory sweetens and in times of trial, I can imagine my babies little laughs and footsteps.
  5. They will have a special place in your heart, even when you have other children, because they where as much as a part of you as the others are.






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