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What People Should Know: Eating Disorders

I feel like there is a lot of theories and stereotypes that revolve around a eating disorder.

Anorexia, you have to be super skinny to have it. To binge you have to be overweight.

This annoys me because personally I am Body Dysmorphic and am and have been for over 5 years suffered from anorexia, on and off I am in remission and then I relapse but currently I am on stable ground.

I was speaking to my mama the other day and she was talking about eating disorders, we go onto the subject of anorexia.

I’m small, but have a big chest, butt and thighs. Straight away my mother had said I couldn’t possibly have anorexia because the first place the fat leaves is the chest. No arguments. Where else could fat leave!

I currently weigh 7st 9. That is the heaviest I have been for a while with my target at 8st 3. My arms are stick thin and stomach are is hollow, despite having miscarriages. My ribs stick out and underneath my muscle there is very little fat. Yet I still fit a 32 E cup and I still fit a size 8 skinny jeans on my butt, despite being loose in the leg. When I was first pregnant I made myself put on weight and it was really difficult, because you know after the 9 months, you are still going to have this excess weight. My body couldn’t handle it in the long run but this shows you the mind set.

Just because you are overweight, this doesn’t mean you can’t have an eating disorder. Limiting food intake to an unhealthy level is an eating disorder. Becoming obsessed with your image and seeing you body not as it is, is a body dysmorphic disorder. Eating vast amounts of food to a level of discomfort and pain, that is an eating disorder.

Now I’m not talking about the occasional fad diet or overeating a few nights, I’m talking about becoming obsessed with it. Because primarily that what an ED is, an obsession with you body image and food.

I hope this clears up the stereotypes and erases the prejudices.


Tosia Altman




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