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Reasons Why Anyone Can Be A Dancer

Hi, I’m back!!!!!!!!!! Sorry, I’ve been gone for so long!!!!!!


I honestly believe anyone could be a dancer. It’s not just about weight, height and flexibility, it’s also about drive, determination and extreme dedication. You might only have a box room, but you can still stretch on your bed everyday and do yoga every night against the radiator. The last thing I do before I get into bed is do the splits. When I first started getting serious, the last thing I wanted to do when I got home is do more dancing and stretching. I would go home and sleep. I noticed my performance wasn’t up to scratch and my teacher pulled me over and said you need to practise at home to. you need to breath dance until you are at a level where it comes natural and then you can sleep. So I went home and did yoga, I stretched and I practised every night for 2 hours until I was able to get into better shape.

Sure my muscles burned and my head ached and sometime I was scared I was going to pass out before I got home but the next day I would do it all over again. Weekends where gone as was a social life and that was pretty hard as I was a 16 year old girl with no life outside of dance. But I learnt to work round that too. I made friends at work and I soon discovered the friends who are most loyal will understand the situation. They will enjoy your talent. They are the ones you want closest to you. I even learnt to manage a relationship and it still thrives despite being away from each other a lot. There is an ever present bond and without him I don’t think I could dance.

It takes extreme dedication and will power. I know that so often that not I have wanted to give up. The first time I learnt to pirouette on pointe was the worst day of my life. It took me months before I was able to do a perfect one. my teacher threatened to take me off pointe as my ankles are weak. I felt immature and unskilled. I felt like a midget elephant who didn’t fit into any of the correct body shapes or size or skill levels to be a dancer. Yet here I am. So yes anyone can be a dancer. You can be 50, a male and overweight and be a dancer. You can be 90, 4ft7 and be a dancer. Or you can be you and be a dancer,


Tosia Altman


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